Diplomatic support for Irish people abroad

Benefits of Irish citizenship
May 24, 2018

If you are an Irish citizen and you live outside of the island, you are entitled to receive diplomatic support from Irish Embassies/Consulates abroad.

There are Irish Embassies and Consulates-General located in countries throughout the world which, if you are in need, can assist you while you are abroad.

If in the country where you are there is no Irish Embassy or Consulate, you can address the ones of other European Union countries.

Specifically, embassies and consulates can provide advice and assistance if:

  • You need an emergency passport or other travel documents;
  • You have been involved in a crime or in a serious accident or have been a victim of illness;
  • You have been arrested or imprisoned while abroad;
  • They offer linguistic and cultural support;
  • They respond promptly to major crimes committed abroad;
  • They can help in transferring funds where conventional means are not available;
  • They are able to return the remains to Ireland in case of a death abroad.

For example, if you have been ill or involved in an accident, embassies and consulates can inform family or friends, advise and liaise with local medical services on your behalf, provide a list of English-speaking doctors etc.

However, Embassies and Consulates can’t offer medical or legal advice, don’t have a budget for medical, legal or other expenses, can’t pay for relatives to come see you, do not deal with commercial or insurance disputes.

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