How to get Irish citizenship? Exploring the paths to becoming an Irish citizen
September 15, 2023
The Timeline of Obtaining Irish Citizenship Through Ancestry
September 29, 2023

Brexit has changed the lives of millions of individuals; many have lost the benefits of working, studying, and living freely in the European Union. However, Brexit has also been an opportunity for many to look into their eligibility to apply for citizenship by descent in countries that are part of the EU, such as Ireland and Italy, for instance, which allow individuals to apply for dual citizenship and to live, study and work in the EU without any restrictions.  So, what are the benefits of holding an Irish passport?

Identity and history
The question of national identity for people in Ireland is rather complex. The 1998 Good Friday Agreement (Belfast Agreement) recognizes the right of individuals in Northern Ireland to identify as Irish, British, or both, and it allows them to choose their preferred citizenship accordingly, or to keep both. This agreement has helped to provide a framework for respecting diverse national identities within Northern Ireland.

Living in the UK
Northern Ireland citizens with Irish and British citizenship have access to the EU and the UK and can live, study and work there freely. This right is protected under the Common Travel Area (CTA) agreement, a longstanding arrangement between the United Kingdom and Ireland. The CTA allows for the free movement of people between these areas and it protects the rights of Irish citizens living in the UK, and vice versa.

The Significance of Irish Citizenship and the EU
Irish citizenship has always held a unique status within the European Union. However, the interest in Irish citizenship has risen after Brexit. As British citizens lost their EU citizenship, many individuals with Irish ancestry started pursuing Irish citizenship. In fact, Irish citizenship comes with several benefits; Irish passport holders can move freely within the EU, and they can work, study and live in any of the EU’s member states without any restrictions or time limitations. This is especially valuable for students and professionals who wish to pursue their careers or education in the EU.

Residency and Access to Healthcare
Irish citizens living in the UK continue to have certain residency rights under the Common Travel Area (CTA) agreement, which predates the formation of the EU. This allows Irish citizens in the UK to access public services and healthcare as British citizens. This also applies to Irish citizens who wish to live, work, and study in the EU. In other words, if they decide to live abroad for longer than six months, they will need to register with the municipality where they intend to establish their new residency. This will allow them to register with a general practitioner and access the state’s healthcare system.

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