Applying for Irish Citizenship Through a Great-Grandparent
February 2, 2024
Once you are Recognized as an Irish Citizen
March 13, 2024

This article will address the costs involved in respect Irish citizenship applications. It will outline the fees for obtaining citizenship by descent, as well as other pathways, namely naturalization (marriage and association). It is useful to discuss because there are different costs and application processes for each.

Citizenship by descent
Irish citizenship by descent is transmitted through familial bloodline, and can be granted to those who have an ancestor (a parent, grandparent or, in rarer cases, a great-grandparent) who was an Irish citizen.

If you have a great-grandparent who was born in Ireland, but are unable to apply through the Foreign Births Register (FBR) because you do not meet the requirements; then the potential pathway to becoming an Irish citizen will be through association, which is becoming a citizen through naturalization.

Making an application for citizenship by descent
In order to get your citizenship recognized through descent, you must apply to have your details recorded in the Foreign Births Register. You will need to gather the relevant documents (original copies), and complete the online application form, which you will submit online on the Department of Foreign Affairs website. For a full outline of this process see our A-Z guide.

Applying from abroad
If you reside in the U.S., Canada, Australia, or Great Britain, it is important to note that all applications for citizenship made through descent must go to the Foreign Births Registration Department office in Dublin. The address will be stated on the application form. Please remember that Irish Embassies and Consulates abroad do not process citizenship applications.

Cost of an application for citizenship by descent
The cost for an application to have your details added to the Foreign Births Registration are:

If aged 18 or over

  • Registration fee plus certificate: €270
  • Non-refundable postage and handling fee: €8
  • Total: €278

If under 18 years

  • Registration fee plus certificate: €145
  • Non-refundable postage and handling fee: €8
  • Total: €153

The fee is inclusive of postage and handling charge.

If you are not in Ireland or the EU, and are paying in another currency, you will need to check the rates of exchange to know what the exact cost will be.

The payment is made through the Irish Department of Foreign Affairs website, and you will make the payment online when you submit your application. The application, supporting documentation, and fee are then mailed to the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade in Dublin, Ireland.

Required documents
You will need to send your birth and marriage certificates (where applicable), as well as birth, marriage and death certificates for each Irish ancestor in your direct lineage (your parent, grandparent and Irish-born great-grandparent). You may also need to ‘authenticate’ or ‘Apostille’ your non-Irish documents.

Birth and marriage records from Ireland generally cost between €10 and €20. On the other hand, the cost of a U.S. vital record (birth, marriage, death certificates) is generally between $2 and $40, whereas the cost of an Apostille in the U.S. is generally between $1 and $40.

Citizenship by naturalization
Irish citizenship by naturalization is the process through which a foreign national can become an Irish citizen. In Ireland, to become a citizen through naturalization, there is an expectation that you have been a resident in Ireland for a certain length of time.
If you have a great-grandparent ancestor, but have not lived in Ireland, the pathway is to apply for citizenship through naturalization, under the category of association, which is outlined in Section 16 of the Irish Nationality and Citizenship Act 1956 to mean: he or she is related by blood, affinity or adoption to, or is the civil partner of, a person who is an Irish citizen or entitled to be an Irish citizen.
For more information on this see a related article

Citizenship by marriage
Non-Irish spouses of Irish citizens (or civil partners) can apply for Irish citizenship through naturalization. Citizenship by marriage falls under the umbrella of citizenship by naturalization, and to qualify you must:

  • 18 or over;
  • Been married for 3 years or more;
  • Lived on the island of Ireland for 3 out of the 5 years before you make your application, and for 12 months before the date of your application;
  • Plan to reside in Ireland after you have become an Irish citizen;
  • Live with your spouse;
  • Are of ‘good character’.

Making an application for citizenship by naturalization
Applications through naturalization are made through the Citizenship Division of the Department of Justice. Applications can be accessed on the home webpage, as well as instructions on how to apply.

It is important to note that all applications to become a naturalized Irish citizen are decided by the Immigration Service Delivery (ISD) on behalf of the Minister for Justice. The Minister has absolute discretion in the matter of granting or denying citizenship by naturalization. 

Cost of applications made through naturalization
The cost for an application for naturalization is €175. This needs to be made payable in the form of a bank draft to the Secretary General, Department of Justice’. The fee is non-refundable and accompanies every Irish citizenship application. Also important to note is that postal orders are not accepted to pay application fees.

If your application is successful, and you are granted citizenship, you will attend a citizenship ceremony where you will make an oath of fidelity to the nation. Following this you will be issued with a certificate of naturalization, which you will need to pay for. The fees are:

  • Adults and other: €950
  • Widow, widower or surviving civil partner of Irish citizen: €200
  • Minors, applications for under 18s: €200
  • Refugee or stateless person: €200

Additional costs
In terms of supporting documents, if your documents are in a language other than English, you will be required to get them translated by a professional translating service. Furthermore, translated copies of these documents must also be certified. There are likely to be fees attached to this, so please refer to the guidelines specific to your application, in order to find an appropriate translation service.

Irish passport application fee
Once an individual is entered onto the Foreign Births Register or obtains citizenship by naturalization they are an Irish citizen and entitled to apply for an Irish passport. The standard 10-year passport fee is €75.

This article has highlighted the costs and fees associated with making an application for Irish citizenship through descent, and naturalization.
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