Applying for a Passport

A passport is a travel document recognized internationally which attests your identity and nationality. If you are an Irish citizen, you are entitled to get your Irish passport, which will give you the right to enter many countries and ensure you enjoy your benefits as an EU citizen when abroad.

The Irish passport is issued by the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade in Ireland and by the Consulates and Embassies all over the world. The Irish entity which is responsible for issuing Irish documents for an Irish citizen who lives abroad is the consulate with jurisdiction over the person’s residence address.

In order to apply for the first passport, Irish citizens born outside Ireland are required to present, among other documents, proof of identity and address and the certificate of citizenship, obtained right after the end of the citizenship process.

A complete guide for the application for your Irish passport is included in all the Service Packages we offer. If you are already an Irish citizen and do not know how to request your passport, we are happy to assist you and ensure you have your travel document in hands as quickly as possible.

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