Benefits of Irish Dual Citizenship

  • To be able to live, work and study in Ireland and in the other 26 European countries, including UK, France, Holland and Germany.
  • To have the right to access public medical care and high quality education, as available to EU citizens.
  • To exercise your right to vote in the Irish elections, allowing you to contribute to a better future for your country.
  • To easily fulfill all the purchasing requirements for buying a property in Ireland, and invest in your future and in the future of your family.
  • To honor the past generations of your family by establishing a cultural identity with the Irish people.

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Under the European law, every citizen of a Member State is also a citizen of the entire European community. Becoming an Irish citizen means having the right to participate in all the benefits ensured to the EU citizens. You will have the right to free movement within Europe and the right to live, work or study in all European territories with no need for a visa.


The majority of the European countries are proud of the high level of education offered to their population and Ireland holds some of the schools which are in the highest rating positions, based on evaluations made all over the world. Besides that, the most traditional Universities in Europe open their doors to new students every year and citizens of EU have facilitated access to them. The public medical care in Europe is another model of efficiency and development and holding an EU citizenship allows free access to public health in all EU nations. EU citizens are not subject to certain restrictions and can participate in prevention programs, enjoying the maximum of the public health services and initiatives.


Many people can report how difficult can be to find the ideal job in Europe nowadays since the number of immigrants is increasing and there are few job opportunities. However, more than ever employees seek for dynamic and professional people. Having experience abroad, being culturally aware and knowing other languages are immensurable qualities dual citizens have – and ensure good job opportunities and a promise of a brilliant career.


People find in Ireland, as in many other European countries, some good opportunities to save money and invest in the future of their business and family. Dual citizens have facility in completing the requirements to purchase real estate and leverage companies, guaranteeing notable capital growth and high yields.


Ireland has a rich cultural history and people with a strong local identity. Becoming an Irish citizen gives people the chance to honor their past and establish strong affinity with the country culture. They learn to appreciate and hold in high esteem their heritage, understanding also how the Irish culture has influenced their own.
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