The Irish Citizenship

Becoming an Irish Citizen
Being an Irish citizen means being legally recognized as a national of Ireland and a citizen of Europe. There are certain conditions that allow foreign individuals to apply for Irish Citizenship.

By birth
If you were born in Ireland prior to 1 January 2005, you are automatically an Irish Citizen. People born in Ireland before that date may apply for Irish Citizenship by descent or naturalization.

By descent
If you were born in a foreign nation, but one of your parents was born in Ireland or was recognized as an Irish citizen after your birth, you may be eligible for Irish Citizenship. Having an Irish-born grandparent may also allow you to claim Irish citizenship. Applying for citizenship via other individuals who are not your grandparents or parents is only possible if at least one of the conditions above mentioned are met.

Through marriage
If you are married to an Irish citizen for 3 years or more you can apply for Irish Citizenship through naturalization, regardless of whether your marriage took place in Ireland or abroad.

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