Frequently Asked Questions

1Am I eligible for Irish citizenship?
There are different ways to become an Irish citizen. If you are the child of an Irish parent or one of your grandparents or great-grandparents was born in Ireland, you may claim Irish citizenship. Being a spouse of an Irish citizen or having established residence in Ireland may also allow you to apply. You can review the main requirements for each case here. If you believe you are eligible, but are not sure about it, we can help you. Call us or send us a message.
2Do I need to travel to Ireland to apply for the Irish citizenship?
Claiming Irish citizenship by right of blood (by descent) does not require physical presence in Ireland. If you live abroad, your process will be handled by the Irish Consulate or Embassy with jurisdiction over your place of residence. They will be responsible for the acceptance of your online application and for the verification of your original paperwork.
3How long does it take for Irish citizenship to be granted?
Generally, if the applicant’s documentation is suitable and correct, it takes about 3 months to have the certificate of citizenship in hands. The lack of any important documents or which present incoherent information or records in a wrong format may delay the process.
4How can I safeguard Irish citizenship of the future generations of my family?
If you are entitled to register, your Irish citizenship is effective from the date of registration. Irish citizenship for subsequent generations may be maintained by each generation by ensuring their registration in the Foreign Births Register (before the birth of the next generation).
5Can I obtain Irish citizenship from ancestors beyond the 3rd generation?
Irish citizenship can be obtained only from an Irish parent or from a grandparent born in Ireland. It is not possible to claim Irish citizenship if you do not meet one of these conditions.
6Some of the records that pertain to me and my family are held out of the country where I live. How can I retrieve them?
We can obtain the necessary documentation for your application from the US, Canada, UK, Ireland and anywhere else in the world.
7I believe I do not have enough information on my Irish ancestor. What do I need to do?
Talking to family members and doing research on online and physical public archives may help you find out many facts regarding your ancestor’s life. However, if you think you need help with it, you can count on us. We have access to several databases and can assist you with this first step of your application.
8Will becoming an Irish citizen affect my current nationality?
Under the Irish law, obtaining Irish citizenship does not require you to renounce any other citizenships and will not interfere in any other way with other nationalities you may hold.
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