Irish Citizenship Through Marriage

It is possible for Irish citizens’ spouses and civil partners to obtain Irish citizenship through naturalization. The request is made by presenting a set of documents that proves your identity and evidence of your marital status. Other conditions that need to be met regard residence: the applicant needs to have resided on the Island of Ireland for at least 3 of the last 5 years before the application.

The request for citizenship by marriage is to be done to the Irish National Immigration Service (INIS), which will determine if the applicant is entitled to the Irish Citizenship through the verification of their paperwork. Once the request will be accepted and the related fee will be paid, the certificate of citizenship is issued within 30 days.

We can help you verifying if you are eligible to the Irish citizenship by marriage and assist you during all the steps of the process. We will handle the retrieval and translation of your records, as well as ensure the request will be suitable and in accordance with the citizenship requirements.

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